Our mission at The Earth Case is to create a waste-free future. We don’t want to just reduce the negative impact of the mobile industry, we want to use it as a vehicle for change. Our ambition is to revitalize our environment planting new forests, protecting endangered species and inspiring future generations to believe they can do the same.

Compostable phone case


We have been working hard for over 1 year to come up with the perfect mixture of bio-based eco materials that make our phone cases 100% compostable, have a nice Look&Feel and still maintain a top-quality resistance.

We only use innovative plant-based sustainable materials that will not harm you nor the environment:

-78% PBAT (plant fiber extracted from various crops)
-18% PLA (fermented plant scratch made from glucose extracted from crops, cellulose and potato corn)
-4% Cellulose (the most basic part of plants)

On top of this, all our cases are SGS tested to be free of lead, cadmium, chromium and phthalates. Because you and your family deserve better!


By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans and climate change could force over 140 million people leave their homes behind becoming climate refugees…BUT WE STILL HAVE TIME TO STOP IT.

Current technology allows us to create zero-waste eco-friendly alternatives to every-day products. And which device do you use the most often?! Your phone! (probably). We decided to create the perfect phone case to help protect your valuable phone without carrying any toxins into your home.

We believe in making things right and we aspire to inspire future generations to do the same. We want you to be a proud member of our tribe and to help us create a global community of people who are committed to make a positive impact on our planet.



The scientific community agrees that we are in the midst of a sixth major extinction. Alarming declines in the number of vertebrates, insects and plant species around the world have raised fears that this situation could cause a collapse of the natural ecosystems we rely upon to survive.

We believe that, even as a small company, we all must take part in the restorage of the lost biodiversity. To achieve it, we donate 5% of our profits to several charities that are doing an amazing job helping protect some of the best-known mammals that are facing extinction: elephants, giraffes, seals and lions. Every case sold portraying each of these magnificent creatures will collaborate with a charity that helps that particular animal.


We will plant 1 tree for every case sold with Eden Reforestation Projects, an NGO that works hand-in-hand with the local population in the most deforested areas of the planet.

Our purpose is to reforest the world and help the most disadvantaged people develop and thrive in their communities, providing them fair wage employment. Planting and nurturing new trees allow impoverished villagers to rely on a steady income, have access to new food supplies and avoid floods that could potentially destroy their homes.
But what are the main benefits of reforestation? You may ask. Here you can find the most important ones (photo from Ecosia):

Altogether we want that every time you use the phone, you’ll be proud to be a part of The Earth Case tribe!